In all my photoshoots, I endeavor to capture real moments. Too many times have I gotten pictures taken from professional photographers with stiff static poses. I don’t want to create these kinds of images. I want to capture life moments, so they will be cherished and treasured forever! I want to look back at these moments, and smile and remember what a good time it was.

You can have this too!

I am already planning on a repeat session!

When a friend recently suggested I do a boudoir shoot, I had no idea what to expect. I was more than curious to try it, but so nervous! The idea of a special session where I would have professional hair and makeup treatment, and people who specialize in creating beautifully sexy photographs was something I couldn’t pass up! As a 40-something year old mom struggling with the idea of her son turning 18, I knew I could use a little pampering and an opportunity to feel sexy again.

Still, how do you show up and expose your most intimate self with strangers? One of the most reassuring aspects of working with Brian is his lovely assistant, his wife Sandra. Brian and Sandra are so warm, kind, and encouraging. Completely non-threatening. They instantly felt like old friends.They were thoughtful and respectful and were truly interested in capturing and emphasizing my best features. Even shots that I were afraid would not be “flattering” surprised me and became my favorite shots.

My photos were ready for viewing quickly and I was shocked not only that they were raw and unedited, but that they really didn’t NEED editing. I am almost ashamed to admit that for days I literally could not stop looking at my pictures and admiring the beautiful woman I was looking at.

I recommend that every woman have a boudoir shoot. Every woman, no matter how confident you feel, could benefit from a chance to embrace each “flaw” we perceive of ourselves and realize the true beauty that lies within her.  Brian and Sandra are the perfect team to help you uncover your inner beauty and sexiness! I am already planning on a repeat session!


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