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Self Discovery Boudoir Experience

It gets hard to find time for yourself in today’s fast paced world. Hard to find yourself beautiful, or sexy, or sensuous. Too much time is spent getting work done, taking care of kids, paying bills, tending to housework, or doing classwork, and too little tending to your personal needs. The Self Discovery Boudoir Experience is exactly for the woman who needs some time for herself. My team helps you find a beautiful and quiet place to get away, and treats you to a makeover including hair and makeup. They give you a massage, or give you a manicure and pedicure, or provide you with a relaxing Reiki session. During all of this, we have an amazing photoshoot where you are coached by a female posing assistant and we have a great time capturing some beautiful moments where you can let it all go!

Life today is a rush. Everything is immediate, and nothing wants to wait. Gone are the times where people can enjoy a quiet moment without being interrupted by buzzing cell phones, questioning children, or loud television shows. In times like these, it’s so easy for a woman to get wrapped up in the day to day, making ends meet, carpooling children, attending to chores, making dinners, writing reports, or dealing with clients. Every day, she asks herself, who am I? Where is that girl that used to enjoy the moment, reach for the stars, and knew what she wanted and who she was going to be? Let’s get her back. I can help. I’ll provide a quiet, tranquil place. Relax. Get Pampered. remember who you are, what you want, and what those stars look like. How many were there? So many as to get lost in them. So close your eyes, look deep inside, and find that girl again. Let’s make her sing. Let’s make her dance. Let’s bring her out, and capture that moment, and keep it forever.


I've only worked with Brian Hall once and I'm hoping he contacts me for another shoot again sometime. The images created by us are an EXCELLENT addition to my portfolio, when he has a vision he executes it to a top notch level and it shows in his photos. But the fact that his personality is a joy to be around made my experience working with him a pleasant one and I wouldn't hesitate to take up the opportunity to create more beautiful images with him again.