What is a Boudoir shoot?

The word Boudoir translates to a lady’s private sitting room or bedroom. My personally idea of Boudoir is a photo session that is focussed specifically on highlighting the positive qualities of the woman, and raising her self valuation. The pictures are intended to be for her, or for her significant other, and not for general public display. She can be wearing anything from nightgowns, to lingerie, to nothing at all, depending on her confort level, and desire.Q: Do you offer family sessions?

Do you offer family sessions?

Yes! We offer our Family Reconnection Event! You can find out more about it here!

Do you do other types of photography?

Yes! We shoot life events as well! Contact us here if you want a bid on other types of photography!

Anything I should avoid before the shoot?

Things not to do within a week of the shoot:

  • Don’t get your hair cut or radically styled.
  • Don’t get Botox.
  • Don’t get a spray tan or go on a marathon tanning booth session.
  • Don’t get any kind of lip injections.

What should I do before the shoot?

Definitely do these things before the shoot:

  • Get your nails and toenails done (a natural look is best, but its up to you!)
  • Participate in the inspirations portion of the shoot preplanning!
  • Find and organize your wardobe into a suitcase to bring to the shoot.

What is your policy on retouching?

I prefer my images to be as natural as possible, so I do minimal retouching. I’m always willing to work with you on helping with facial blemishes and so forth, but extensive retouching is an extra charge. Examples of extensive retouching include removing tattoos, changing body shape by request, repairing chipped nails or dental work, fixing “hair roots”, etc.

How long does it take to get my products?

While I try to get them done as soon as possible, please allow for up to 2 weeks to receive your products. Albums may take longer depending on the season.

How does a session with you work?

Details are available for each type of shoot on their respective pages.  Start here!

Will look to use again!

Brian was very accommodating to our needs for our portraits. He was able to help me get a great senior picture, as well as some great family photos! We’ll be looking to his services again if we ever need pictures taken.


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